Update: Moderate Risk for Tornadoes today ALABAMA 3-19-2018

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) Tornado Watch for much of Northern Alabama, Eastern Mississippi, and South Central Tennessee.

GOES 16 Visible Satellite imagery is showing ample clearing (which increases surface based CAPE)  in Northern AL and Eastern MS. A very defined CU (cumulus) field as well as the developing thunderstorms are visible.

[A great explanation of all the meteorological terms listed here is compiled by SPC forecaster Rich Thompson http://www.spc.noaa.gov/sfctest/help/sfcoa.html]

GOES 16.jpg¬†Below are what SPC’s Mesoanalysis is analyzing for the 0-3km SRH (storm relative helicity)

SRH 0-3km.jpg

There is currently a Tornado Warning for Marietta, MS, this storm will move eastward into western Alabama shortly:




Scott is streaming live from northern Alabama.

*If you are in the PDS watch area and have plans later this afternoon and this evening have a contingency sheltering plan in place*

Today is shaping up to have the potential of a major tornado outbreak for the areas in the Tornado Watch. Pay close attention to warnings and local media.

Here is Alabama’s meteorologist James Spann’s Twitter




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